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Director, Center for International Development
Sumitomo-FASID Professor of International Finance and Development


Faced with an overwhelming crisis, governments across the world grappled with difficult policy choices in response to COVID. Resolving these challenges now—by adopting an active learning mindset, enabling greater collaboration, and setting up a robust data infrastructure—can prepare us to better mitigate the medium- and long-term impacts of COVID, as well as to effectively respond to future crises, write Jishnu Das (Georgetown), Adnan Q. Khan (LSE), Asim I. Khwaja (Harvard) and Anum Malkani (Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan).


Das, Jishnu, Adnan Q. Khan, Asim Khwaja, and Anum Malkani. "How governments can prepare for crises: the lessons from COVID." LSE COVID-19 Blog. July 14, 2021.