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As the population ages and life expectancy at older ages increase, it becomes more challenging for individuals, firms, and governments to finance adequate living standards in retirement. Working longer is an important option that must be considered if well-being in retirement is to be sustained. The papers in this Special Issue of the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance explore various aspects of the transition from career employment to complete retirement. The research covers a broad range of topics including comparing retirement transitions in the public and private sectors, individual incentives that influence retirement timing, return-to-work policies adopted by many public employers, and the management of wealth before and during retirement. The articles also consider how many individuals move from career jobs to new employment and then to complete retirement. In addition, the research focuses on work incentives of employer-provided pensions and health plans, Social Security, and government sponsored health plans, and also how provisions of these plans alter the transition to retirement.


Clark, Robert L., and Joseph P. Newhouse. "Incentives and Limitations of Employment Policies on Retirement Transitions." Journal of Pension Economics & Finance 18.4 (October 2019): 495-499.