The 2019 Human Development Report (HDR) will focus on inequality in order to highlight and address the fact that today’s world is deeply unequal and unfair, despite recent progress. According to the Human Development Report Office, the 2019 HDR will explore inequalities in income but also in other dimensions important to people’s well-being – from health and education to access to technologies and exposure to shocks. It will move away from an analysis purely dominated by averages and summary measures like the Gini coefficient, leveraging new data and innovative methods to paint a more accurate and timely picture of the state of inequality across the planet. And it will take a long-term view of inequality, by identifying trends and making projections, to look to 2030 and beyond.


Chen, Martha. "Informality and Inequality: In a Globalized and Urbanized World." United Nations Development Programme, May 2019.