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Economic research on climate change has been crucial in advancing our understanding of the consequences associated with global warming as well as the costs and benefits of the various policies that might reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. As nations work to develop climate policies, economic insights into their design and implementation are ever more important. With a balance between theoretical and empirical approaches, The Design and Implementation of US Climate Policy looks at the possible effects of various climate policies on a range of economic outcomes. The studies that comprise the volume examine topics that include the coordination—or lack thereof—between the federal and state governments, implications of monitoring and enforcing climate policy, and the specific consequences of various climate policies for the agricultural, automotive, and buildings sectors.


Goulder, Lawrence H., and Robert N. Stavins. "Interactions Between State and Federal Climate Change Policies." The Design and Implementation of US Climate Policy. Ed. Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012, 109-121.