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James R. Schlesinger Professor of the Practice of Energy, National Security, and Foreign Policy


A review of selected on Iran’s nuclear weapons program seized by Israeli intelligence confirms that: senior Iranian officials had decided in the late 1990s to actually manufacture nuclear weapons and carry out an underground nuclear test; that Iran’s program to do so made more technical progress than had previously been understood; and that Iran had help from quite a number of foreign scientists, including access to several foreign nuclear weapon designs. The archive also leaves open a wide range of questions, including what Iran’s nuclear-weapons-related plans and activities have been in 17 years since 2003.


Arnold, Aaron, Matthew Bunn, Caitlin Chase, Steven E. Miller, Rolf Mowatt-Larssen and William H. Tobey. "The Iran nuclear archive: impressions and implications." Intelligence and National Security 36.2 (2021): 230-242.