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Robert W. Scrivner Research Professor of Economics and Social Policy


We use the Conference Board’s Help-Wanted Index (HWI) to document how immigrant supply shocks change the number of job vacancies. Our analysis reveals a sizable drop in Miami’s HWI relative to comparable cities in the first few years after the Mariel shock, followed by recovery afterward. An analysis of the text of the help-wanted ads also documents a significant decline in the relative number of low-skill vacancies advertised in the Miami Herald. Miami’s Beveridge curve shifted inward by the mid-1980s, suggesting a more efficient local labor market, in contrast to the outward nationwide shift coincident with the 1981–82 recession.


Anastasopoulos, L. Jason, George J. Borjas, Gavin G. Cook, and Michael Lachanski. "Job Vacancies and Immigration: Evidence from the Mariel Supply Shock." Journal of Human Capital 15.1 (Spring 2021): 1-33.