Law and the Financial System: Securitization and Asset Backed Securities provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive source of materials and references for understanding the process and issues that surround the conversion of illiquid financial assets into tradable securities. The book begins with an overview of the financial system and the place of securitization in the system. The book focuses on the process and law of securitization and is derived largely from Tamar Frankel's treaties, Securitization (2nd ed. 2005). The book concludes with a global view of securitization and an assessment of the impact and future of securitizing financial assets. The legal text is enhanced with case studies and simulation exercises that bring context and practical application to the subject. Study questions covering law, business and public policy provide students with an opportunity to discuss and debate areas where answers are complex and often indeterminate. Simulation exercises enable students to test their own ideas with their peers using real world examples. The book can be used as a stand alone course on securitization or as a supplementary text for courses on financial regulation. Practitioners will find the book a useful desk reference.


Fagan, Mark, and Tamar Frankel. Law and The Financial System: Securitization and Asset Backed Securities. Vandeplas Publishing, 2009.