Bolster your leadership literacy and improve your performance as a leader or manager. Leadership, says author, leadership expert, and Harvard Professor Barbara Kellerman, "is all about what leaders should learn'but it is decidedly not, deliberately not, about what leadership education has lately come to look like." Instead, Leadership is a concise yet expansive collection of great leadership literature that has stood the test of time. As Kellerman makes clear in her extensive, authoritative commentaries, every single selection has had, and continues to have, an impact on how and what we think about what it means to lead. And every single one has had an impact on leadership as an area of intellectual inquiry as well as on the course of human history. Part I of Leadership consists of writings about leadership. In Part II, you'll find examples of what Kellerman uniquely identifies as writing as leadership'works and words that thanks to their persuasiveness and power, changed the world. Part III presents leaders in action individuals who seized the moment to captivate, motivate, and lead with their singular personal power to persuade.


Kellerman, Barbara, ed. Leadership: Essential Selections on Power, Authority and Influence. McGraw Hill, 2010.