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Rita E. Hauser Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Organizing, and Civil Society


After a turbulent and moneyed midterm election season, turn to the new edition of this trusted classic to guide your students through the influence and reach of interest groups. With its broad spectrum of scholarship on interest groups past and present, Interest Group Politics once again brings together noted political scientists to provide comprehensive coverage and cutting-edge research on interest groups in U.S. politics. Contributors examine the growth of social networks in lobbying, the actions of organized interests during the health care reform debate, campaign mobilization and congressional decision making from the group perspective, and more.


Baggetta, Matthew, Chaeyoon Lim, Marshall Ganz, Hahrie Han, and Kenneth Andrews. "Learning Civic Leadership: Leader Skill Development in the Sierra Club." Interest Group Politics. Ed. Allan J. Cigler and Burdett A. Loomis. CQ Press, 2011, 110-138.