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Teresa and John Heinz Research Professor of Environmental Policy


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutal, unprovoked war against Ukraine deserves all the opprobrium it has received around the world. This abomination warrants every appropriately sized and targeted sanction against the Putin regime that the horrified world can devise. Sizing and targeting sanctions to ensure that their impact on Putin and his designs exceeds the downsides for Western and global interests requires some reflection, however. Such reflection should not be pushed aside in the understandable heat and anguish of the moment. As Western scientists who have engaged in international collaborations in many forms on many topics, we welcome the outpouring of support across the West for Ukrainian scientists, including the introduction of protected visa status for Ukrainians (1). At the same time, we urge that our nations’ policy-makers and our science and technology communities avoid shunning all Russian scientists for the actions of the Russian government.


Holdren, John, Nina Fedoroff, Neal Lane, Nick Talbot, and Toby Spribille. "Let’s not abandon Russian scientists." Science, 376.6590, March 2022, 256-257.