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Robert W. Scrivner Research Professor of Economics and Social Policy


Book abstract: How can migration be defined today? What are the key texts that have theorized migration, one of the major constants of the modern world? This book brings together the main founding texts in this area of demography, most dating from the second half of the twentieth century. These texts not only marked their time, but continue to be cited, analysed and debated many years after their publication. They represent major advances in demographic thought and reasoning, not only through the value of their testimony, but also through the new approaches and concepts that they brought to the discipline. They reflect both the generally neoliberal American scientific tradition, and the more structuralist approach specific to the European school, with both currents seeking to explain the causes and origins of migration, but also the economic, social and political impacts of the different types of migration, that of labour migrants, undocumented migrants or refugees, for example.


Borjas, George. "L’Impact des Immigrants sur les Revenus et l’Emploi des Natifs." Les Théories de la Migration. Ed. Victor Piché. Editions de l’Ined, 2013, 377-394.