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Industrial policy has for a long time raised difficult questions for policymakers to unpick. What justifications are there for government intervention in market mechanisms, and how and to what extent should governments intervene? What are the pros and cons of picking ‘winners’ for support? These questions have made a powerful return in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical uncertainty, and because of the pressing need to move to net-zero emission economies. In addition, the European Union is reviving its industrial policy in the context of support given to companies in the United States under the US Inflation Reduction Act. This volume, produced with financial support from the European Climate Foundation, assesses what must be done to implement industrial policy in a way that will achieve overarching goals while minimising distortions.


Hausmann, Ricardo, and Ketan Ahuja. "A more globally minded European green industrial policy." Sparking Europe’s new industrial revolution: A policy for net zero, growth and resilience. Ed. Simone Tagliapietra and Reinhilde Veugelers. Bruegel, 2023.