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Book Abstract: The era of textbook top-down, stovepiped public management in America is over, and the traditional dichotomy between public ownership and privatization is an outdated notion. Public executives have shifted their focus from managing workers and directly providing services to orchestrating networks of public, private, and nonprofit organizations to deliver those services. In this new book, Stephen Goldsmith and Donald Kettl head a stellar cast of policy practitioners and scholars exploring the potential, strategies, and best practices of high-performance networks while identifying next-generation issues in public sector network management. Unlocking the Power of Networks employs sector-specific analyses to reveal how networked governance achieves previously unthinkable policy goals.


Goldsmith, Stephen, and Tim Burke. Moving from Core Functions to Core Values: Lessons from State Eligibility Modernizations. Unlocking the Power of Networks: Keys to High-Performance Government. Ed. Donald F. Kettl and Stephen Goldsmith. Brookings Institution Press, 2009, 95-120.