Book abstract: This impressive book assembles the latest research findings and thinking on the management of voluntary/nonprofit sector organizations and the effective utilization of both paid staff and volunteers. The authors expertly look into the challenges faced by this sector and the growing role that it plays in society. They review HRM in the voluntary sector and discuss the challenges of bringing about best practices, as well as suggesting how to improve leadership of voluntary/nonprofit organizations. Non-profit organizations serve several useful purposes in society and exist in every country in the world. Like organizations in other sectors, non-profit organizations now have to do more with less. This book indicates the ways in which human resource management policies and practices can improve the effectiveness of non-profit organizations. The authors consider the roles played by non-profit organizations in effective leadership and its development, developing the non-profit brand, enhancing learning and skills development of both paid staff and volunteers and encouraging and supporting organizational change. They also examine how university-based education programs are developing talent in the non-profit sector.


Laidler-Kylander, Nathalie. "Nonprofit Brands and Brand Management." Human Resource Management in the Nonprofit Sector: Passion, Purpose and Professionalism. Ed. Ronald J. Burke and Cary L. Cooper. Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc., 2013.