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Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus


This book examines the role of technology in the core voices for International Relations theory and how this has shaped the contemporary thinking of ‘IR’ across some of the discipline’s major texts. Through an interview format between different generations of IR scholars, the conversations of the book analyse the relationship between technology and concepts like power, security and global order. They explore to what extent ideas about the role and implications of technology help to understand the way IR has been framed and world politics are conceived of today. This innovative text will appeal to scholars in Politics and International Relations as well as STS, Human Geography and Anthropology.


Carr, Madeline, and Joseph Nye. "From Nuclear Weapons to Cyber Security: Breaking Boundaries." Technologies of International Relations. Ed. Carolin Kaltofen, Madeline Carr, and Michele Acuto. Springer, 2019, 87-96.