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Harvey Brooks Research Professor of International Science, Public Policy and Human Development


The present system for training and nurturing young scientists is almost certainly not up to the job. To foster “The Sustainability Transition” outlined by Pamela Matson, we need researchers capable not only of (i) doing very demanding cutting-edge science, but also of (ii) working with decisionmakers and other knowledge users to define and refine relevant questions; (iii) integrating the perspectives and methods of multiple disciplines in their quest for answers; and (iv) promoting their inevitably incomplete findings in the rough-and-tumble world of competing sound bites and conflicting political agendas. But such skills are neither taught in most contemporary science curricula nor rewarded in the climb up most academic ladders.


Clark, W.C. "Nurturing Sustainability." Issues in Science & Technology 26.1 (2009): 9-10.