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The article focuses on a study which examined the effects of the expanding Medicaid coverage for low-income adults in the U.S. using the 2008 Medicaid expansion in Oregon. Results revealed no significant effect of the coverage on the prevalence or diagnosis of hypertension or high cholesterol levels or on the use of medication for the conditions. It concludes that the coverage generated no significant improvements in measured physical health outcomes in its first two years of implementation.


Baicker, Katherine, Sarah L. Taubman, Heidi L. Allen, Heidi L., Mira Bernstein, Jonathan H. Gruber, Joseph P. Newhouse, Eric C. Schneider, Bill J. Wright, Alan Zaslavsky, and Amy N. Finkelstein. "The Oregon Experiment -- Effects of Medicaid on Clinical Outcomes." New England Journal of Medicine 368.18 (May 2013): 1713-1722.