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Director, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation
Winthrop Laflin McCormack Professor of Citizenship and Self-Government


The article presents an executive summary of a report made by the task force of the organization the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) on the subject of public opinion and leadership. According to the article, the task force recommended that AAPOR should increase its public presence in arguing for the significance of public opinion and public opinion polling in democracy, backed the notion of a clearinghouse or central database for public opinion data and analysis, and supported the idea of meta-analyses or meta-reviews of data in public opinion in certain political policy areas.


Newport, Frank, Robert Y. Shapiro, Whit Ayres, Nancy Belden, James Fishkin, Archon Fung, Susan Herbst, Celinda Lake, Benjamin Page, Susan Page, James P. Pinkerton, J. Ann Selzer, and Mark Warren. "Polling and Democracy." Public Opinion Quarterly 77.4 (December 2013): 853-86.