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Director, Center for International Development
Sumitomo-FASID Professor of International Finance and Development


The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis for governments across the globe. Despite a timely and effective mobilization of resources, consistent challenges hampered the efforts of many governments and resulted in avoidable losses. With the benefit of hindsight, we focus on two root causes behind the deficiencies in the global Covid-19 response: (i) challenges in collaboration and coordination between multiple actors and (ii) challenges in using existing data infrastructure to inform an evidence driven and dynamic policy response. We argue that adopting an active learning mindset, putting in place protocols and mechanisms for greater coordination and collaboration, and preparing a robust data infrastructure will help governments improve their responses to Covid-19 and other emergencies in the future.


Das, Jishnu, Adnan Q. Khan, Asim I. Khwaja, and Anum Malkani. "Preparing for Crises: Lessons from Covid-19." LSE Public Policy Review 1.4 (May 2021): 8.