This is the only textbook recommended by the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing for all students, settings and modules in its Model POP Curriculum. Dr. Braga currently serves as the Chief Policy Advisor to the Boston Police Commissioner and is a senior research associate in Harvard University’s Program in Criminal Justice Management. Dr. Braga summarizes the extensive worldwide research literature on three types of interventions: (1) reducing opportunities for crime at problem-plagued places (e.g., bars, housing projects) through enforcement-oriented and/or environmental measures; (2) targeting high-activity (repeat) offenders; and (3) protecting the victims of repetitive offenses. The author concludes with ideas for correcting deficiencies in current approaches to problem-oriented policing. These suggestions address how to improve crime analysis, enhance the measurement of police performance, and secure productive police-community partnerships.


Braga, Anthony A. Problem-Oriented Policing and Crime Prevention, 2nd Edition. Criminal Justice Press, 2008.