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This white paper recommends a range of steps the Biden Administration should take to counter disinformation and other harmful content on major social media platforms. In recent years, the spread of disinformation online has eroded crucial democratic institutions and discourse, especially in connection with elections and with disproportionate impact on underrepresented communities. The Administration should move swiftly to address this threat in a variety of ways. The recommendations fall into six categories: I. Industry standards and regulatory infrastructure II. Platform liability and incentives for more vigorous content moderation III. Executive branch actions IV. Financial incentives to encourage desirable company behavior V. Transparent advertising VI. Support for credible local news organizations


Atkinson, Caroline, Paul Barrett, Lynda Clarizio, Dipayan Ghosh, John Haigh, Thomas Melia, Michael Posner, Vivian Schiller, and Clint Watts. "Recommendations to the Biden Administration: On Regulating Disinformation and Other Harmful Content on Social Media." March 2021.