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Director of Environmental and Natural Resource Program and Senior Research Associate
Senior Lecturer in Public Policy


Entrepreneurship is central to economic growth, particularly in emerging economies and other economically disadvantaged settings. This symposium features four papers that examine both the macro and micro determinants of outcomes for entrepreneurs in these contexts. The four papers use diverse theoretical frameworks, methodologies, levels of analysis, and geographical contexts spanning China, Tanzania, and India. Together, they address an interesting set of questions and advance our knowledge about how macro factors such as institutional changes as well as micro factors such as entrepreneurs’ characteristics and capabilities affect their outcomes with implications for entrepreneurial actions, firms’ choices, and policy decisions. The symposium should be of interest to scholars of entrepreneurship, institutions, and social issues in management.


Agarwal, Aparajita, Audra Wormald, Anita McGahan, Aparajita Agarwal, Andrea Coali, Charles Eric Eesley, Matthew Lee, Arzi Adbi, Francesca Bacco, Wesley Wu-Yi Koo, Devanshee Shukla, Jasjit Singh, Audra Wormald, and Tyler Wry. "Resolving Barriers to Entrepreneurship: Implications for Socio-economic Development." Academy of Management Proceedings 2022.1 (2022).