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This publication is a multifaceted analysis of the global monetary regime's evolution, from the disintegrating impacts of the Great Depression during the interwar period to the often inequitable and destabilizing adaptations of the postwar era. This transformation is investigated via what the authors call a "financial engineering process" generated by interactions between governments and global financial institutions within the context of national and international political economies. The volume is the result of a research project supported by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation and comprises contributions by an extremely diverse and somewhat esoteric group of young Greek scholars, many affiliated with the Hellenic Open University and drawn from the fields of history, philosophy, economics, politics, and demography.


Rosengard, Jay K. Review of Shaping and Reshaping the Global Monetary Order during the Interwar Period and Beyond: Local Actors in-between the International Institutions, ed. Catherine P. Brégianni and Roser Cussó. Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 42.1, May 2024: 125-127.