Book abstract: In this first systematic examination of the role of the top United Nations human rights official, editors Felice Gaer and Christen Broecker analyze the achievements, leadership styles of, and obstacles encountered by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and propose recommendations for the future. The editors are joined by 18 expert contributors including present and former UN policymakers, human rights practitioners, legal scholars, and current High Commissioner Navi Pillay. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: Conscience for the World examines how the six individuals who have served in this post have worked to end atrocities, hold perpetrators of abuses to account, promote equality and justice, and provide protection and redress to victims.


Ignatieff, Michael. "Rights Inflation and Role Conflict in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights." The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Ed. Felice D. Gaer and Christen L. Broecker. Brill, 2013.