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James R. Schlesinger Professor of the Practice of Energy, National Security, and Foreign Policy


Today, scores of nuclear terrorist opportunities lie in wait in countries all around the world —sites that have enough nuclear material for a bomb that are not adequately defended against the threats that terrorists and criminals have already shown they can mount. While programs to eliminate these opportunities are making progress, much more remains to be done than has been done to date. Indeed, because disputes over access to sensitive sites and other bureaucratic obstacles have been allowed to fester, the amount of nuclear material secured in the two years immediately following the 9/11 attacks was actually less than the amount secured in the two years immediately before the attacks. Sustained presidential leadership is urgently needed to sweep aside the obstacles to progress and forge a fast-paced global partnership to secure every nuclear weapon and every kilogram of weapons-usable nuclear material, wherever it may be.


Bunn, Matthew, and Anthony Wier. "Securing the Bomb: An Agenda for Action." May 2004.