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Book abstract: For more than 25 years, The Presidency and the Political System has showcased the best of presidential studies and research with top-notch scholars writing specifically for an undergraduate audience. With its insightful original essays offering historical context as well as incisive analysis, this volume has proven an indispensable guide to students of the presidency. Editor Michael Nelson ensures that each contribution meets his exacting standards while offering helpful headnotes that introduce each essay. The Tenth Edition features current scholarship through revised, yet time-tested, essays that continue to explore the themes of presidential power and effectiveness, most notably in a new chapter from Stephen Skrownek. Contributions by new authors Lara M. Brown, Elvin T. Lim, and Roger B. Porter complete this up-to-date edition to reflect Barack Obama’s first term, the 2012 election, and an early assessment of Obama’s second term agenda.


Porter, Roger B. "The Three Presidencies: Power and Policy." The Presidency and the Political System. Ed. Michael Nelson. CQ Press, 2013, 500-524.