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New-onset diabetes after transplantation (NODAT) is a complication of solid organ transplantation. We sought to determine the extent to which NODAT goes undiagnosed over the course of 1 year following transplantation, analyze missed or later-diagnosed cases of NODAT due to poor hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and fasting blood glucose (FBG) collection, and to estimate the impact that improved NODAT screening metrics may have on long-term outcomes.


Munshi, Vidit N., Soroush Saghafian, Curtiss B. Cook, Sumhith Veda Aradhyula, and Harini A. Chakkera. "Use of Imputation and Decision Modeling to Improve Diagnosis and Management of Patients at Risk for New Onset Diabetes After Transplantation." Annals of Transplantation 26 (2021).