We conducted a field study to investigate positive intergroup attitudes (i.e., allophilia) and equality values as potential antecedents of social policy support for multiracial individuals. Participants (N = 97) reported their social policy support for multiracial individuals in two ways—support for the recognition of "multiracial" as a distinct racial category (recognition) and support for multiracial individuals' access to programs and policies (assistance). Results revealed that allophilia motivated those who held equality beliefs to support social policies for multiracial individuals. Implications of these findings for theories of positive intergroup relations, as well as the processes that may underlie progress for multiracial individuals, are discussed.


Pittinsky, Todd L., and R. Matthew Montoya. "Is Valuing Equality Enough? Equality Values, Allophilia, and Social Policy Support for Multiracial Individuals." Journal of Social Issues 65.1 (March 2009): 151-163.