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Once again, the nation confronts a potential #MeToo moment, with accusations of sexual assault and misconduct against President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Brett M. Kavanaugh. The case resembles many others that have surfaced over the past several years: Allegations of a long-ago sexual assault by a now-powerful man. Accusers who chose not to go to the police at the time and largely remained silent for years. Supporters of the accused arguing that the accusers’ long silence undermines their credibility while expressing concern over harm to the accused’s reputation and career.


Baum, Matthew A., Dara Kay Cohen, Susanne Schwarz, and Yuri Zhukov. "The Way Kavanaugh’s Supporters Are Talking About Sexual Assault Allegations Can Be Dangerous, Our New Study Finds." The Washington Post: The Monkey Cage, September 27, 2018.