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The topic of judicial diversity is an important one, and it has only increased in public salience in the last decade. As I will discuss in this written testimony, our nation’s courts are in some ways out of step with our country’s demographics. They are also out of step in not reflecting the rich variety of educational and professional experiences the legal profession has to offer. The lack of diversity risks undermining the public’s trust in the judiciary. In what follows, I will describe the current status of diversity in the federal courts across three key categories: (1) demographic diversity, (2) diversity across educational institutions, and (3) diversity in professional experience. I will explain why diversity within the federal courts is important, focusing on what a more diverse judicial body brings to the table and how the courts being reflective of American society can generate more trust in the rule of law and stronger beliefs about the institutional legitimacy of the judiciary.


Sen, Maya. "Written Testimony on the Importance of Judicial Diversity." Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet, 03/25/2021.