The Urban Theory of Everything

As we experience rapid urbanization around the globe—and especially in the developing world—it becomes more critical to understand the dynamics of cities and their dual capacity to both spur creativity and wealth, and to amplify crime and disease.

Southeast Asia surging in CID's new global growth projections

Countries that have diversified their economies into more complex sectors are those that will grow the fastest in the coming decade. New growth projections presented by researchers at the Center for International Development indicate that India and Uganda top the list of the fastest growing economies to 2026.

Six questions with Rohini Pande

The co-director of EPoD discusses the economic costs and benefits of informal and formal institutions in the developing world and the role of public policy in changing these.

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For more than two decades, economist Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, has elucidated a dissenting view of international trade that has now become entirely mainstream.