The Atlas of Economic Complexity 2.0 offers bigger, faster visualizations and new datasets

Designed by researchers at the Center for International Development, the dynamic, open source data visualization tool provides more than 50 years of global trade dynamics across 900+ products for every country.

India has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, yet remains burdened by seriously high rates of malnutrition. A new research study published in the September edition of American Economic Review illustrates how these conditions are manifest in the height of the nation’s children, nearly 40 percent of whom are considered ‘stunted.'

Six questions with Rohini Pande

The co-director of EPoD discusses the economic costs and benefits of informal and formal institutions in the developing world and the role of public policy in changing these.

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For more than two decades, economist Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, has elucidated a dissenting view of international trade that has now become entirely mainstream.