Leading by Example: Omar Yanar MPP 2010 is building a school that will take kids from hopelessness to college

El Paso Leadership Academy is a tuition-free public charter school for sixth-to-eighth graders in El Paso, Texas, that primarily serves low-income minority students. The school teaches leadership through a set of core values: collaboration, responsibility, smarts, humility, and hunger.

The case for charter schools

Paul Peterson argues with many students still at risk, choice and competition remain the country's best hope for improving education for all. In "Harvard Magazine," he makes the argument for post-regulatory school reform.

Founder of StudentsFirst and former Chancellor of Washington D.C. Public Schools, Michelle Rhee in the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

Black men and the struggle for work

William Julius Wilson reflects on the connection between race and employment. To confront poverty and inequality in the inner city, he says, we must recognize the complex, interrelated problems facing poor black families.