The governments of North and South Korea have agreed to begin formal negotiations and military talks aimed at reducing tensions on the peninsula, while the North has announced its intention to send athletes to the Winter Games for the first time in eight years. John Park, director of the Korea Working Group, shares his perspective. 

Leadership on the global stage

Professor Samantha Power reflects on her eight years of service in the Obama Administration. "My main ‘headline’ on government is that nothing in my life has been as rewarding, as impactful, as purposeful as the eight years I got to spend working in the Obama administration,” she says.

On the global roots of the Cold War

In his newest book, Professor Odd Arne Westad attempts to put the Cold War within a broader perspective of 20th-century international history. “It's difficult to understand… how high the stakes were and the kind of risks that people were willing to take during the Cold War in order to further their own positions."

Faculty members and students at the Kennedy School’s new Cyber Security Project, part of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, are delving deep into issues such as information security, conflict in cyberspace, information warfare and the prevention of cyber attacks by terrorists.