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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Jasanoff, Sheila. "A History of Scales and the Scales of History." Review of The Shock of the Anthropocene, by Bonneuil, Christophe, and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz. Development & Change, 48.3, May 2017: 613-622.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Disaster and Sociolegal Studies." Review of Disaster and Sociolegal Studies, by Susan Sterett. Law & Society Review, 50.4, December 2016: 1054-1057.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Small Lamps of Environmental Heroism." Review of A River Runs Again: India's Natural World in Crisis, from the Barren Cliffs of Rajasthan to the Farmlands of Karnataka, by Meera Subramanian. Current History, 115.780, April 2016: 157-159.
Jasanoff, Sheila. Review of Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property: Creative Production in Legal and Cultural Perspective, ed. Mario Biagioli, Peter Jaszi, and Martha Woodmansee. Isis, 104.3, September 2013: 595-596.
Jasanoff, Sheila. Review of Acting in an Uncertain World: An Essay on Technical Democracy, by Michel Callon, Pierre Lascoumes, and Yannick Barthe. Technology & Culture, 53.1, January 2012: 204-206.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Science in Democracy: Expertise, Institutions, and Representation." Review of Science in Democracy: Expertise, Institutions, and Representation, by Mark B. Brown. Environmental Health Perspectives, 118.7, July 2010: A312.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "A Splintered Function: Fate, Faith, and the Father of the Atomic Bomb." Review of Oppenheimer: The Tragic Intellect, by Charles Thorpe. Metascience, 17.3, November 2008: 351-387.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Controlling Biotechnology: Science, Democracy and 'Civic Epistemology'." Author's response to reviews of Designs on Nature, by Sheila Jasanoff. Metascience, 17.2, July 2008: 177-198.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Speaking Honestly to Power." Review of The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics, by Roger A. Pielke, Jr. American Scientist, 96.3, May/June 2008: 240-243.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Clones and Critics in the Age of Biocapital." Review of Our Post Human Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution, by Francis Fukuyama BioSocieties, 1.2 2006: 266-269.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "What Inquiring Minds Should Want to Know." Review of Science, Truth, and Democracy, by Philip Kitcher. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 35.1 2004: 149-157.
Jasanoff, Sheila. Review of The Social Construction of What?, by Ian Hacking. ISIS: Journal of the History of Science in Society, 94.4 December 2003: 789-790.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Breaking the Waves in Science Studies." Comment on "The Third Wave of Social Science: Studies of Expertise and Experience" by H.M. Collins and Robert Evans. Social Studies of Science, 33.3 June 2003: 389-400.
Jasanoff, Sheila. Review of Legal Alchemy: The Use and Misuse of Science in the Law, by David L. Faigman. ISIS: Journal of the History of Science in Society, 92.2 June 2001: 378-379.