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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Horton, Joshua B., and David W. Keith. "Multilateral Parametric Climate Risk Insurance: A Tool to Facilitate Agreement About Deployment of Solar Geoengineering." Climate Policy 19.7 (August 2019): 20-826.
Haraguchi, Masahiko, Afreen Siddiqi, and Venkatesh Narayanamurti. "Stochastic Cost-Benefit Analysis of Urban Waste-To-Energy Systems." Journal of Cleaner Production 224 (July 2019): 751-765.
Vattioni, Sandro, Debra Weisenstein, David Keith, Aryeh Feinberg, Thomas Peter, and Andrea Stenke. "Exploring Accumulation-Mode H2SO4 Versus SO2 Stratospheric Sulfate Geoengineering in a Sectional Aerosol-Chemistry-Climate Model." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19.7 (April 2019): 4877-4897.
Peter Irvine, Kerry Emanuel, Jie He, Larry Horowitz, Gabriel Vecchi, and David Keith. "Halving Warming With Idealized Solar Geoengineering Moderates Key Climate Hazards." Nature Climate Change 9.4 (April 2019): 295-299.
Miller, Lee, and David W. Keith. "Climatic Impacts of Wind Power." Joule 2.12 (December 2018): 2618-2632.
Miller, Lee M., and David Keith. "Observation-Based Solar and Wind Power Capacity Factors and Power Densities." Environmental Research Letters 13.10 (October 2018): 104-108.
Goldstein, Anna P., and Venkatesh Narayanamurti. "Simultaneous Pursuit of Discovery and Invention in the Us Department of Energy." Research Policy 47.8 (October 2018): 1505-1512.
Narayanamurti, Venkatesh, and Jeff Y. Tsao. "Nurturing Transformative U.S. Energy Research: Two Guiding Principles." MRS Energy & Sustainability 5 (Fall 2018).
Horton, Joshua B., Jesse L. Reynolds, Holly Jean Buck, Daniel Callies, Stefan Schäfer, David W. Keith, and Steve Rayner. "Solar Geoengineering and Democracy." Global Environmental Politics 18.3 (August 2018): 5-24.
Keith, David W., Geoffrey Holmes, David St. Angelo, and Kenton Heidel. "A Process for Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere." Joule 2.8 (August 2018): 1573-1594.
Eastham, Sebastian D., Debra K. Weisenstein, David W. Keith, and Steven R.H.Barrett. "Quantifying the Impact of Sulfate Geoengineering on Mortality from Air Quality and UV-B Exposure." Atmospheric Environment 187 (August 2018): 424-434.
MacMartin, Douglas G., Katharine L. Ricke, and David W. Keith. "Solar Geoengineering as Part of an Overall Strategy for Meeting the 1.5°C Paris Target." Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences 376.2119 (May 2018).
Smith, Jordan P., John A. Dykema, and David W. Keith. "Production of Sulfates Onboard an Aircraft: Implications for the Cost and Feasibility of Stratospheric Solar Geoengineering." Earth and Space Science 5.4 (April 2018): 150-162.
Eastham, Sebastian D., David W. Keith, and Steven R.H. Barrett. "Mortality Tradeoff Between Air Quality and Skin Cancer from Changes in Stratospheric Ozone." Environmental Research Letters 13.3 (March 2018): 34-35.
Mehling, Michael A., Gilbert E. Metcalf, and Robert N. Stavins. "Linking Climate Policies to Advance Global Mitigation." Science 359.6379 (March 2018): 997-998.
Li, Zhenyu, Afreen Siddiqi, Laura Diaz Anadon, and Venkatesh Narayanamurti. "Towards Sustainability in Water-Energy Nexus: Ocean Energy for Seawater Desalination." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 82.3 (February 2018): 3833-3847.
Li, Zhenyu, Afreen Siddiqi, Laura Diaz Anadon, and Venkatesh Narayanamurti. "Towards Sustainability in Water-Energy Nexus: Ocean Energy for Seawater Desalination." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 82 (February 2018): 3833-3847.
Dai, Zhen, Debra K. Weisenstein, and David W. Keith. "Tailoring Meridional and Seasonal Radiative Forcing by Sulfate Aerosol Solar Geoengineering." Geophysical Research Letters (January 2018).
Chan, Gabe, Anna P. Goldstein, Amitai Bin-Nun, Laura Diaz Anadon, and Venkatesh Narayanamurti. "Six Principles for Public Energy Innovation Programs." Nature (December 2017).
O'Sullivan, Meghan. "US Energy Diplomacy in an Age of Energy Abundance." Oxford Energy Forum 111 (November 2017): 8-11.
Aldy, Joseph. "Real World Headwinds for Trump Climate Change Policy." Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 73.6 (October 2017): 376-381.
Diaz Anadon, Laura, Kelly Sims Gallagher, and John P. Holdren. "Rescue US Energy Innovation." Nature Energy (September 2017).
Aldy, Joseph. "Policy Surveillance in the G20 Fossil Fuel Subsidies Agreement: Lessons for Climate Policy." Climatic Change 144.1 (September 2017 (first online September 2015)): 97-110.
Keith, David W., Gernot Wagner, and Claire L. Zabel. "Solar Geoengineering Reduces Atmospheric Carbon Burden." Nature Climate Change 7 (September 2017): 617-619.
Diaz Anadon, Laura, Erin Baker, and Valentina Bosetti. "Integrating Uncertainty into Public Energy Research and Development Decisions." Nature Energy 2 (May 2017).
Ocko, Ilissa B., Steven P. Hamburg, Daniel J. Jacob, David W. Keith, Nathaniel O. Keohane, Michael Oppenheimer, Joseph D. Roy-Mayhew, Daniel P. Schrag, and Stephen W. Pacala. "Unmask Temporal Trade-Offs in Climate Policy Debates." Science 356.6337 (May 2017): 492-493.
Holdren, John P. "Ideology Trumps Science." Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (March 2017).
Keith, David. "Toward a Responsible Solar Geoengineering Research Program." Issues in Science & Technology 33.3 (Spring 2017): 71-77.
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Burns, Elizabeth T, Jane A Flegal, David W Keith, Aseem Mahajan, Dustin Tingley, and Gernot Wagner. "What Do People Think When They Think About Solar Geoengineering? A Review of Empirical Social Science Literature, and Prospects for Future Research." Earth's Future 4.11 (November 2016): 536-542.
Keith, David W., and Peter J. Irvine. "Solar Geoengineering Could Substantially Reduce Climate Risks: A Research Hypothesis for the next Decade." Earth's Future 4 (November 2016): 549-559.
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Aldy, Joseph, William Pizer, Massimo Tavoni, Lara Aleluia Reis, Keigo Akimoto, Geoffrey Blanford, Carlo Carraro, Leon E. Clarke, James Edmonds, Gokul C. Iyer, Haewon C. McJeon, Richard Richels, Steven Rose, Fuminori Sano. "Economic Tools to Promote Transparency and Comparability in the Paris Agreement." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series, August 2016.
Dykema, J.A., David Keith, and F.N. Keutsch. "Improved Aerosol Radiative Properties as a Foundation for Solar Geoengineering Risk Assessment." Geophysical Research Letters 43.14 (July 2016): 7758-7766.
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