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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Sinaiko, Anna D., and Richard Zeckhauser. "Forced to Choose, Again: The Effects of Defaults on Individuals in Terminated Health Plans." Nudging Health: Health Law and Behavioral Economics. Ed. Cohen, I. Glenn, Holly Fernandez Lynch, and Christopher T. Robertson. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016, 326-338.
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Goldsmith, Stephen. "Urban Ecology as the New Planning Paradigm: Another Legacy of Jane Jacobs." Contemporary Perspectives on Jane Jacobs: Reassessing the Impacts of an Urban Visionary. Ed. Schubert, Dirk. Routledge, May 13, 2016, 225-232.
Kellerman, Barbara, and Deborah Rhode. "Women at the Top: The Pipeline Reconsidered." Women and Leadership in Higher Education. Ed. Karen Longman and Susan Madsen. Information Age Publishing, 2014.
Ferguson, Ronald. "Modernizing Federal Influence on American Schools." Carrots, Sticks, and the Bully Pulpit: Lessons from a Half-Century of Federal Efforts to Improve America's Schools. Ed. Frederick M. Hess and Andrew P. Kelly. Harvard Education Press, 2012, 253-272.
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