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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Mayne, Quinton, Jorrit de Jong, and Fernando Fernandez-Monge. "State Capabilities for Problem-Oriented Governance." Perspectives on Public Management and Governance (2019).
Rogers, Todd, Donald P. Green, John Ternovski, and Carolina Ferrerosa Young. "Social Pressure and Voting: A Field Experiment Conducted in a High-Salience Election." Electoral Studies 46 (April 2017): 87-100.
Born, Dana, William H. Hendrix, and Emily Pate. "Three Pillars of Organization Excellence." The Journal of Character & Leadership Integration (Winter 2017): 45-54.
Bailey, Michael A., Daniel J. Hopkins, and Todd Rogers. "Unresponsive and Unpersuaded: The Unintended Consequences of a Voter Persuasion Effort." Political Behavior 38.3 (September 2016): 713-746.
Rogers, Todd. "Unacquainted Callers Can Predict Which Citizens Will Vote Over and Above Citizens' Stated Self-Predictions." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113.23 (June 7, 2011): 6449-6453.
Acharya, Avidit, Matthew Blackwell, and Maya Sen. "Explaining Causal Findings Without Bias: Detecting and Assessing Direct Effects." The American Political Science Review 110.3 (August 2016).
Hendrix, William H., Dana H. Born, and Scott Hopkins. "Relationship of Transformational Leadership and Character with Five Organizational Outcomes." Journal of Character and Leadership Integration 3.1 (May 2015): 54-71.
Mansbridge, Jane. "What is Political Science For?" Perspectives on Politics 12.1 (April 2014): 8-17.
Nickerson, David W., and Todd Rogers. "Political Campaigns and Big Data." Journal of Economic Perspectives 28.2 (March 2014): 51-74.
Mansbridge, Jane. "The Role of the State in Governing the Commons." Environmental Science and Policy 36.8 (February 2014): 8-10.
Rogers, Todd, and Masa Aida. "Vote Self-Prediction Hardly Predicts Who Will Vote, And Is (Misleadingly) Unbiased." American Politics Research (Published online, September 5, 2013).
Fernbach, Philip M., Todd Rogers, Craig R. Fox, and Steven A. Sloman. "Political Extremism Is Supported by an Illusion of Understanding." Psychological Science 24.6 (June 2013): 939-946.
Chen, Xiaodong, Frank Lupi, Li An, Ryan Sheely, Andrés Viña, and Jianguo Liu. "Agent-based Modeling of the Effects of Social Norms on Enrollment in Payments for Ecosystem Services." Ecological Modelling 229.24 (March 2012): 16-24.
Bryan, Christopher J., Gregory M. Walton, Todd Rogers, and Carol S. Dweck. "Motivating Voter Turnout by Invoking the Self." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108.31 (August 2011): 12653-12656.
Malhotra, Neil, Melissa R. Michelson, Todd Rogers, and Ali Adam Valenzuela. "Text Messages as Mobilization Tools: The Conditional Effect of Habitual Voting and Election Salience." American Politics Research 39.4 (July 2011): 664-681.
Rogers, Todd, and Michael I. Norton. "The Artful Dodger: Answering the Wrong Question the Right Way." Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 17.2 (June 2011): 139-147.
Han, Hahrie, Kenneth T. Andrews, Marshall Ganz, Matthew Baggetta, and Chaeyoon Lim. "The Relationship of Leadership Quality to the Political Presence of Civic Associations." Perspectives on Politics 9.1 (March 2011): 45-59.
Andrews, Kenneth, Marshall Ganz, Matthew Baggetta, Hahrie Han, and Chaeyoon Lim. "Leadership, Membership, and Voice: Civic Associations That Work." American Journal of Sociology 115.4 (January 2010): 1191-1242.
Thompson, Dennis F. "Obama's Ethics Agenda: The Challenge of Coordinated Change." Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics 7.1 (March 2009).
Shue, Kelly, and Erzo F.P. Luttmer. "Who Misvotes? The Effect of Differential Cognition Costs on Election Outcomes." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 1.1 (February 2009): 229-257.
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Coglianese, Cary, Elizabeth Keating, Michael L. Michael, and Thomas J. Healey. "The Role of Government in Corporate Governance." NYU Journal of Law & Business 1.1 (Fall 2004): 233-251.
Coglianese, Cary, and David Lazer. "Management-Based Regulation: Prescribing Private Management to Achieve Public Goals." Law and Society Review 37 (2003): 691-730.