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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Risse, Mathias, and Marco Meyer. "Tax Competition and Global Interdependence." Journal of Political Philosophy 27.4 (December 2019): 480-498.
Risse, Mathias. "Why We Should Talk About German ‘Orientierungskultur’ Rather Than 'Leitkultur'." Analyse & Kritik 40.2 (November 2018): 381-404.
Risse, Mathias. "Approaching Human Rights Law Philosophically: Reflections on Allen Buchanan, The Heart of Human Rights." Law and Philosophy 36.2 (April 2017): 169-190.
Risse, Mathias. "Responsibility and Global Justice." Ratio Juris 30.1 (March 2017): 41-58.
Risse, Mathias. "Humanity's Collective Ownership of the Earth and Immigration." Journal of Practical Ethics 4.2 (December 2016).
Risse, Mathias. "On the Significance of Membership in Approaches to Global Justice: Putting Carens in Context." Journal of Applied Philosophy 33.4 (November 2016): 443-449.
Risse, Mathias. "On Where We Differ: Sites vs. Grounds of Justice, and Some Other Reflections on Michael Blake's Justice and Foreign Policy." Law and Philosophy 35.3 (June 2016): 251-270.
Risse, Mathias. "What Difference Can It Make: Why Write Books on Global Justice in the First Place?" Journal of International Political Theory 12.2 (June 2016): 96-117.
Risse, Mathias. "Response to Arneson, de Bres, and Stilz." Ethics & International Affairs 28.4 (December 2014): 511-522.
Risse, Mathias. "The Human Right to Water and Common Ownership of the Earth." Journal of Political Philosophy 22.2 (June 2014): 178-203.
Risse, Mathias, and Gabriel Wollner. "Critical Fairness in Practice: A Social Notice of Aaron James, Contract for a Global Economy." Canadian Journal of Philosophy 43.3 (2013): 382-401.
Risse, Mathias. "A Précis of On Global Justice, With Emphasis on Implications for International Institutions." Boston College Law Review (October 2012).
Risse, Mathias. "The Right to Relocation: Disappearing Island Nations and Common Ownership of the Earth." Ethics and International Affairs 23.3 (Fall 2009): 281-300.
Risse, Mathias. "Common Ownership of the Earth as a Non-Parochial Standpoint: A Contingent Derivation of Human Rights." European Journal of Philosophy 17.2 (June 2009): 277-304.
Blake, Michael, and Mathias Risse. "Immigration and Original Ownership of the Earth." Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public Policy 23.1 (Spring 2009): 133-167.
Risse, Mathias. "A Right to Work? A Right to Leisure? Labor Rights as Human Rights." Journal of Law and Ethics of Human Rights 3.1 (2009): 1-41.
Risse, Mathias. "On the Morality of Immigration: A Response to Two Critics." Ethics and International Affairs 22.3 (Fall 2008): 241-259.
Blake, Michael, and Mathias Risse. "Two Models of Equality and Responsibility." Canadian Journal of Philosophy 38.2 (June 2008): 165-199.
Risse, Mathias. "On the Morality of Immigration." Ethics & International Affairs 22.1 (Spring 2008): 25-33.
Kurjanska, Malgorzata, and Mathias Risse. "Fairness in Trade II: Export Subsidies and the Fair Trade Movement." Politics, Philosophy, and Economics 7.1 (February 2008): 29-56.
Risse, Mathias. "Fairness in Trade I: Obligations from Trading and the Pauper-Labor Argument." Politics, Philosophy & Economics 6.3 (October 2007): 355-377.
Risse, Mathias. "Racial Profiling: A Reply to Two Cities." Criminal Justice Ethics 26.1 (Winter/Spring 2007): 438-448.
Risse, Mathias. "What to Say About the State." Social Theory and Practice 32.4 (October 2006): 671-698.
Risse, Mathias. "Why the Count de Borda Cannot Beat the Marquis de Condorcet." Social Choice and Welfare 25.1 (October 2005): 95-113.
Risse, Mathias. "How Does the Global Order Harm the Poor?" Philosophy and Public Affairs 33.4 (September 2005): 349-376.
Risse, Mathias. "On God and Guilt: A Reply to Ridley." Journal of Nietzsche Studies 29 (Spring 2005): 49-53.
Risse, Mathias. "What We Owe to the Global Poor." Journal of Ethics 9.1-2 (March 2005): 81-117.
Risse, Mathias. "Do We Owe the Poor Assistance or Rectification?" Ethics and International Affairs 19.1 (Spring 2005): 9-18.
Risse, Mathias, and Richard Zeckhauser. "Racial Profiling." Philosophy and Public Affairs 32.2 (March 2004): 131-170.
Risse, Mathias. "Arguing for Majority Rule." The Journal of Political Philosophy 12.1 (March 2004): 41-64.
Risse, Mathias. "Does Left-Libertarianism Have Coherent Foundations?" Politics, Philosophy, and Economics 3.2 (2004): 337-365.
Hild, Matthias, Richard C. Jeffrey, and Mathias Risse. "Flipping and Ex Post Aggregation." Social Choice and Welfare 20.3 (June 2003): 267-275.
Risse, Mathias. "Bayesian Group Agents and Two Modes of Aggregation." Synthese 135.3 (2003): 347-377.
Risse, Mathias. ""Origins of <i>Ressentiment</i> and Sources of Normativity."." Nietzsche Studien 32 (2003): 142-170.
Risse, Mathias. "Nietzsche's 'Joyous and Trusting Fatalism.'" Philosophy of Science XXXV.3 (2003): 147-163.
Risse, Mathias. "Harsanyi’s ‘Utilitarian Theorem’ and Utilitarianism." Nous 36.4 (December 2002): 550-577.
Risse, Mathias. "What Equality of Opportunity Could Not Be." Ethics 112 (2002): 720-747.