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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Mukharji, Aroop, and Richard Zeckhauser. "Bound to Happen: Explanation Bias in Historical Analysis." Journal of Applied History 1 (December 2019): 1-23.
Friedman, Jeffrey A., and Richard Zeckhauser. "Analytic Confidence and Political Decision Making: Theoretical Principles and Experimental Evidence from National Security Professionals." Political Psychology 39.5 (October 2018): 1069-1087.
Friedman, Jeffrey A., Jennifer S. Lerner, and Richard Zeckhauser. "Behavioral Consequences of Probabilistic Precision: Experimental Evidence from National Security Professionals." International Organization 71.4 (Fall 2017): 803-826.
Rogers, Todd, Richard Zeckhauser, Francesca Gino, Michael I. Norton, and Maurice E. Schweitzer. "Artful Paltering: The Risks and Rewards of Using Truthful Statements to Mislead Others." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 112.3 (March 2017): 456-473.
Zeckhauser, Richard. "Mancur Olson and the Tragedy of the Unbalanced Commons." Decisions 24 (December 2015).
Avery, Christopher N., Judith A. Chevalier, and Richard J. Zeckhauser. "The “CAPS” Prediction System and Stock Market Returns." Review of Finance (September 2015): 1-19.
Viscusi, W. Kip, and Richard J. Zeckhauser. "Regulating Ambiguous Risks: The Less than Rational Regulation of Pharmaceuticals." Journal of Legal Studies 44.S2 (June 2015): S387-S422.
Aperjis, Christina, Richard Zeckhauser, and Yali Miao. "Variable Temptations and Black Mark Reputations." Games & Economic Behavior 87 (September 2014): 70-90.
Viscusi, W. Kip, and Richard J. Zeckhauser. "The Relative Weights of Direct and Indirect Experiences in the Formation of Environmental Risk Beliefs." Risk Analysis (September 5, 2014).
Trautmann, Stefan T., Gijs van de Kuilen, and Richard J. Zeckhauser. "Social Class and (Un)Ethical Behavior: A Framework, With Evidence From a Large Population Sample." Perspectives on Psychological Science 8.5 (September 2013): 487-497.
Miller, Nolan, Alexander F. Wagner, and Richard J. Zeckhauser. "Solomonic Separation: Risk Decisions as Productivity Indicators." Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 46.3 (June 2013): 265-297.
Trautmann, Stefan T., and Richard J. Zeckhauser. "Shunning Uncertainty: The Neglect of Learning Opportunities." Games and Economic Behavior 79 (May 2013): 44–55.
Friedman, Jeffrey A., and Richard Zeckhauser. "Assessing Uncertainty in Intelligence." Intelligence and National Security 27.6 (October 2012): 824-847.
Tran, Anh, and Richard Zeckhauser. "Rank as an Inherent Incentive: Evidence from a Field Experiment." Journal of Public Economics 96.9-10 (October 2012): 645–650.
Han, Seunghee, Jennifer S. Lerner, Richard Zeckhauser. "The Disgust-Promotes-Disposal Effect." Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 44.2 (April 2012): 101-113.
Berger, Alan, Case Brown, Carolyn Kousky, and Richard Zeckhauser. "The Challenge of Degraded Environments: How Common Biases Impair Effective Policy." Risk Analysis 31.9 (September 2011): 1423–1433.
Robert, Christopher, and Richard Zeckhauser. "The Methodology of Normative Policy Analysis." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 30.3 (Summer 2011): 613-643.
Bohnet, Iris, Benedikt Herrmann, and Richard Zeckhauser. "Trust and the Reference Points for Trustworthiness in Gulf and Western Countries." Quarterly Journal of Economics 125.2 (May 2010): 811-828.