Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Rodrik, Dani. "Putting Global Governance in its Place." August 2019.
Di Tella, Rafael, and Dani Rodrik. "Labor Market Shocks and the Demand for Trade Protection: Evidence from Online Surveys." March 2019.
Rodrik, Dani. "New Technologies, Global Value Chains, and the Developing Economies." Pathways for Prosperity Commission, September 2018.
Mukand, Sharun, and Dani Rodrik. "The Political Economy of Ideas: On Ideas Versus Interests in Policymaking." NBER, March 2018.
Rodrik, Dani, and Tilman Altenburg. "Green Industrial Policy: Accelerating Structural Change towards Wealthy Green Economies." UN Environment, 2017.
Diao, Xinshen, Margaret McMillan, and Dani Rodrik. "The Recent Growth Boom in Developing Economies: A Structural-Change Perspective." January 2017.
Mukand, Sharun, and Dani Rodrik. "The Political Economy of Liberal Democracy." NBER Working Paper No. 21540, September 2015.
Rodrik, Dani. "Work and Human Development In a Deindustrializing World." UNDP Human Development Report Office, 2015.
Rodrik, Dani. "Growth After the Crisis." Center for Economic Policy and Research Discussion Paper 7480, September 2009.
Rodrik, Dani. "Second-Best Institutions." NBER Working Papers and CEPR Discussion Papers (14050 and 6764), June 2008.
Rodrik, Dani. "Normalizing Industrial Policy." Commission on Growth and Development Working Papers 3, March 2008.
Rodrik, Dani. "Normalizing Industrial Policy." Working Paper, September 2007.
Hausmann, Ricardo, Dani Rodrik, Charles F. Sabel. "Reconfiguring Industrial Policy: A Framework with an Application to South Africa." Working Paper, August 31, 2007.
Hausmann, Ricardo, and Dani Rodrik. "Doomed to Choose: Industrial Policy as Predicament." Center for International Development Blue Sky Conference Paper, September 2006.
Rodrik, Dani. "Yan Fu Memorial Lecture: Making Globalization More Development-Friendly." China Center For Economic Research (CCER) at Peking University, March 28, 2006.
Rodrik, Dani. "The Social Cost of Foreign Exchange Reserves." CEPR Discussion Papers 5483, January 2006.
Rodrik, Dani with Arvind Subramanian. "From 'Hindu Growth' to Productivity Surge: The Mystery of the Indian Growth Transition." IMF Staff Papers Vol. 52, No. 2, September 2005.
Hausmann, Ricardo, Dani Rodrik, and Andres Rodriguez-Clare. "Towards a Strategy for Economic Growth in Uruguay." Inter-American Development Bank Economic and Social Studies Series RE1-05-003, February 2005.
Rodrik, Dani, and Romain Wacziarg. "Do Democratic Transitions Produce Bad Economic Outcomes?" Stanford IIS CDDRL Working Papers 29, January 2005.
Rodrik, Dani, Ricardo Hausmann, and Andrés Velasco. "Growth Diagnostics." Working Paper, October 2004.
Rodrik, Dani. "Rethinking Growth Policies in the Developing World." Working Paper, October 2004.
Rodrik, Dani, and Roberto Rigobon. "Rule of Law, Democracy, Openness, and Income: Estimating the Interrelationships." Working Paper, May 2004.
Rodrik, Dani. "Getting Institutions Right." CESifo DICE Report, February 2004.
Rodrik, Dani, and Ricardo Hausmann. "Discovering El Salvador's Production Potential." Working Paper, September 2003.
Rodrik, Dani, Margaret S. McMillan, and Karen Horn Welch. "When Economic Reform Goes Wrong: Cashews in Mozambique." Brookings Trade Forum, 2003.
Rodrik, Dani, Arvind Subramanian, and Francesco Trebbi. “Institutions Rule: The Primacy of Institutions Over Geography and Integration in Economic Development.” Working Paper, October 2002.
Rodrik, Dani. "Institutions, Integration, and Geography: In Search of the Deep Determinants of Economic Growth." Working Paper, February 2002.
Rodrik, Dani. "Four Simple Principles for the Democratic Governance of Globalization." Friedrich Ebert Foundation Research Paper, May 2001.
Rodrik, Dani, and Anna Maria Mayda. "Why Are Some Individuals (and Countries) More Protectionist than Others?" Working Paper, May 2001.