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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Peterson, Paul E. Voucher Impacts: Differences between Public and Private Schools. Handbook of Research on School Choice. Ed. Mark Berends, Matthew G. Springer, Dale Ballou, and Herbert J. Walberg. Routledge, 2009, 249-267.
Peterson, Paul E. The Emerging Field of Education Policy. The Future of Political Science: 100 Perspectives. Ed. Gary King, Kay Lehman Schlozman, and Norman H. Nie. Routledge, 2009, 227-230.
Peterson, Paul E. "Education." Understanding America: The Anatomy of an Exceptional Nation. Ed. Peter H. Schuck and James Q. Wilson. Public Affairs, 2008.
Peterson, Paul E. "The A+ Plan." Reforming Education in Florida: A Study Prepared by the Koret Task Force on K-12 Education. Ed. Paul E. Peterson. Hoover Institution, 2006.
Peterson, Paul E., Nathan Torinus and Brad Smith. "School Choice in Milwaukee Fifteen Years Later." Charter Schools Against the Odds: An Assessment of the Koret Task Force on K–12 Education. Ed. Paul T. Hill. Education Next Books, 2006.
Peterson, Paul E. "Productivity of Public and Private Schools." Courting Failure: How School Finance Lawsuits Exploit Judges' Good Intentions and Harm our Children. Ed. Eric Hanushek. Hoover Press, 2006.
Peterson, Paul E. "Consolidate Districts, Not Schools." Reforming Education in Arkansas: Recommendations From the Koret Task Force. Ed. Koret Task Force. Hoover Press, 2005, 107-117.
Peterson, Paul E. "A Conflict of Interest: District Regulation of School Choice and Supplemental Services." Within Our Reach: How America Can Educate Every Child. Ed. John E. Chubb. Hoover Press, 2005.
Campbell, David E., Martin R. West, and Paul E. Peterson. "Who Chooses? Who Uses? Participation in a National School Voucher Program." Choice with Equity: An Assessment by the Koret Task Force on K-12 Education. Ed. Paul T. Hill. Hoover Institution, 2002.
Peterson, Paul E. "Choice and Competition in K-12 Education." Governance amid Bigger, Better Markets. Ed. John D. Donahue and Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Brookings Institution, 2001.
Peterson, Paul E. "The Interests of the Limited City." The Politics of Urban America: A Reader. Ed. Dennis R. Judd and Paul Kantor. Allyn, 2001.
Peterson, Paul E. "School Choice Experiments in Urban Education." School Choice or Best Systems: What Improves Education? Ed. Margaret C. Wang and Herbert J. Walberg. Erlbaum, 2001.
Peterson, Paul E. "Choice in American Education." A Primer on America's Schools. Ed. Terry Moe. Hoover Institution, 2001.
Peterson, Paul E. "Impacts on School Vouchers on Students and Families." An Education Agenda: Let Parents Choose Their Children's School. Ed. John C. Goodman and Fritz F. Steiger. National Center for Policy Analysis, 2001.