Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Ellwood, David. "Creating Mobility from Poverty." The US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty, August 2016.
Ellwood, David. "From Research to Social Policy and Back Again: Translating Scholarship into Practice through the Eyes of a Sometimes Scarred Veteran." Social Policy Research and Evaluation Conference Paper, 2003.
Ellwood, David, and Christopher Jencks. "The Growing Differences in Family Structure: What Do We Know?" Mimeo, 2001.
Ellwood, David. "The Clinton Legacy for America's Poor." NBER Working Paper W8437, 2001.
Ellwood, David. "The Sputtering Labor Force of the 21st Century. Can Social Policy Help?" NBER Working Paper W8321, 2001.
Ellwood, David, and Richard Dickens. "Whither Poverty in Great Britain and the United States? The Determinants of Changing Poverty and Whether Work Will Work." NBER Working Paper W8253, 2001.