Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Woolcock, Michael and Deval Desai. "The Politics of Rule of Law Systems in Developmental States: 'Political Settlements' as a Basis for Promoting Effective Justice Institutions for Marginalized Groups." Effective States and Inclusion Development Research Center, July 2012.
Dudwick, Nora, Kathleen Keuhnast, Veronica Nyhan Jones, and Michael Woolcock. "Analyzing Social Capital in Context: A Guide to Using Qualitative Methods and Data." World Bank Institute Working Paper, 2006.
Woolcock, Michael, and Caroline Sage. "Breaking Legal Inequality Traps: New Approaches to Building Justice Systems for the Poor in Developing Countries." Prepared for Social Development and Policy Conference, December 2005.
Woolcock, Michael, and Robert Sage. "Social Capital and CDD Projects in East Asia: Reviewing the Evidence, Exploring the Implications." Prepared for Social Development and Policy Conference, December 2005.
Woolcock, Michael, and Christopher Gibson. "Empowerment and Local Level Conflict Mediation in Indonesia: A Comparative Analysis of Concepts, Measures, and Project Efficacy." World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 3713, September 2005.
Woolcock, Michael, David Lewis and Dennis Rodgers. "The Fiction of Development: Literary Representation as a Source of Authoritative Knowledge." Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics, Working Paper 05-61, August 2005.
Chirayath, Leila, Caroline Sage, and Michael Woolcock. "Customary Law and Policy Reform: Engaging with the Plurality of Justice Systems." Background Paper, World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development, July 2005.
McNeil, Mary, and Michael Woolcock. "Capacity Enhancement for Social Development: Building on Local Context and Process." World Bank Institute Working Paper, Stock No. 37245, December 2004.
Barron, Patrick, Claire Q. Smith, and Michael Woolcock. "Understanding Local Level Conflict Pathways in Developing Countries: Theory, Evidence, and Implications from Indonesia." World Bank Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit, Working Paper 19, December 2004.
Grootaert, Christiaan, Deepa Narayan, Veronica Nyhan Jones, and Michael Woolcock. "Measuring Social Capital: An Integrated Questionnaire." World Bank Working Paper Series No. 18, January 2004.