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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Jay K. Rosengard, Tr?n Th? Qu? Giang, Ðinh Vu Trang Ngân, Hu?nh Th? Du, and Juan Pablo Chauvin. "The Unintended Consequences of Successful Resource Mobilization: Financing Development in Vietnam." United Nations Development Programme and the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, 2011.
Rosengard, Jay K., and Huynh The Du. "Funding Economic Development: A Comparative Study of Financial Sector Reform in Vietnam and China." United Nations Development Programme, Harvard Policy Dialogue Papers 2, 2009.
Rosengard, Jay K. "Innovative Real Estate Taxes and Fees to Finance Municipal Public Infrastructure and Services in Vietnam." Vietnam Ministry of Finance Policy Advisory Group, August 2008.
Rosengard, Jay K., and Do Ngoc Huynh. "Vietnam Land and Buildings Tax." Vietnam Ministry of Finance Policy Advisory Group, March 2008.
Rosengard, Jay K. "¿Qué Pasó? Failure of the Commercial Financial Sector to Deliver Microfinance Services in Mexico." Paper Presented at the Forum on Microfinance, Monterrey, Mexico, November 2007.
Rosengard, Jay K., with Bui Van, Huynh The Du, Vu Pham Tin, Fang Xu, and Mochamad Pasha. "Paying for Urban Infrastructure and Services: A Comparative Study of Municipal Finance in Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, and Jakarta." UNDP Viet Nam and the Institute for Economic Research HCMC, June 2007.
Rosengard, Jay K. "Sustainable and Effective Microfinance: Reconciling Commercial Viability and Poverty Alleviation Objectives." Presented at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Microcredit, December 5-6, 2005.
Hirsch, Gary B., Jay K. Rosengard, Guy Stuart, and Don E. Johnston, Jr. "SymBanc: A Simulator for Microfinance Institutions." Annual Conference of the Systems Dynamic Society Working Paper, July 2005.
Patten, Richard, Jay K. Rosengard, Don Johnston, and Widjojo Kusomo. "Improving Access to Financial Services for Low-Income Households and Microenterprises in Indonesia." Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, Jakarta, Conference Paper, August 2003.
Rosengard, Jay, et al. "Re-Establishing Microfinance Services in East Timor: Back to BRI?" Center for Business and Government, 2003.
Rosengard, Jay K. "National Markets and Institutions to Support Financial Development in East Asia." Institutional Development in Finance in East Asia, Bangkok, Conference Paper, 2003.
Rosengard, Jay. "Reforming the Financial Sectors of Thailand and Indonesia: Myth Perceptions of Ramakien and Ramayana Capitalists." Paper for Conference on Financial Sector Reform Across Asia: Facts, Analyses, Solutions, December 2002.
Rosengard, Jay, Ashok S. Rai, Aleke Dondo, and Henry O. Oketch. "Microfinance Development in Kenya: Transforming K-Reps's Microenterprise Credit Program Into a Commercial Bank." Equity and Growth through Economic Research/Public Strategies for Growth and Equity Project African Economic Policy Discussion Paper 70, June 2001.
Rosengard, Jay. "Kinks in the Links." Equity and Growth through Economic Research/Public Strategies for Growth and Equity Project, March 2001.
Rosengard, Jay K, et al. "BRI Micro Banking Services: Development Impact and Future Growth Potential." Center for Business and Government, 2001.