Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Auerswald, Philip, Lewis M. Branscomb, Susan Shirk, Michael Kleeman, Todd M. La Porte, and Ryan N. Ellis. "Critical Infrastructure and Control Systems Security Curriculum Version 1.0." Report prepared for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, National Cyber Security Division, Control Systems Security Progr, March 2008.
Cukier, Kenneth, Lewis M. Branscomb, and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. "Innovative Entrepreneurship and Public Policy - A Hero with a Thousand Faces." 2006 Rueschlikon Conference Report, 2006.
Auerswald, Philip, Lewis M. Branscomb, Nicholas Demos, and Brian K. Min. "Understanding Private-Sector Decision Making for Early-Stage Technology Development: A 'Between Invention and Innovation Project' Report." Advanced Technology Program, NIST, U.S. Department of Commerce, September 2005.
Branscomb, Lewis M., and Philip E. Auerswald. "Between Invention and Innovation: An Analysis of the Funding for Early Stage Technology Development." Advanced Technology Program Report, NIST, U.S. Department of Commerce, March 2003.