Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Risse, Mathias. "From Unalienable Rights to Membership Rights in the World Society." Fall 2019.
Abdel Jelil, Mohamed, Paul Andres Corral Rodas, Anais Dahmani Scuitti, María E. Dávalos, Giorgia Demarchi, Neslihan Nathalie Demirel, Quy-Toan Do, Rema Hanna, Deivy Joel Marie Houeix, Sara Lenehan, and Harriet Kasidi Mugera. "Asylum Seekers in the European Union: Building Evidence to Inform Policy Making." World Bank, June 2018.
Risse, Mathias, and Sushma Raman. "Corruption Symposium Report." May 2018.
Chen, Martha and Victoria Beard. "Including the Excluded: Supporting Informal Workers for More Equal and Productive Cities in the Global South." World Resources Institute, May 2018.
Digidiki,Vasileia, and Jacqueline Bhabha. "Emergency Within an Emergency: The Growing Epidemic of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Migrant Children in Greece." FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, October 2017.
Sparrow, Malcolm K. "Measuring Performance in a Modern Police Organization." New Perspectives in Policing, March 2015.
Bhabha, Jacqueline. "Adolescents: Current Rights for Future Opportunities." South-South Cooperation for Child Rights Working Paper 2, UNICEF ROSA and UNICEF EAPRO, September 2013.
Cohen, Dara Kay, Amelia Hoover Green, and Elisabeth Jean Wood. "Wartime Sexual Violence: Misconceptions, Implications, and Ways Forward." United States Institute of Peace, February 2013.
Woolcock, Michael and Deval Desai. "The Politics of Rule of Law Systems in Developmental States: 'Political Settlements' as a Basis for Promoting Effective Justice Institutions for Marginalized Groups." Effective States and Inclusion Development Research Center, July 2012.
Rogers, Todd, and Michael I. Norton. "Artful Dodging in the Courtroom." The Jury Expert, September 2011.
Foglesong, Todd, and Christopher Stone. "Prison Exit Samples as a Source for Indicators of Pretrial Detention." Indicators in Development: Safety and Justice Series, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, Harvard Kennedy School, April 2011.
Stone, Christopher. "Problems of Power in the Design of Indicators of Safety and Justice in the Global South." Indicators in Development: Safety and Justice Series, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, Harvard Kennedy School, April 2011.
Stone, Christopher and Jeremy Travis. "Toward a New Professionalism in Policing." New Perspectives in Policing (Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety), March 2011.
Sparrow, Malcolm K. "Governing Science." New Perspectives in Policing (Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety), January 2011.
Risse, Mathias. "What Justice Requires for Global Institutions: The WTO and the World Bank." Paper presented at the World Bank, Washington, D.C., September 30, 2010.
Ruggie, Mary. "Human Rights, Public Health and the Role of Government." Presentation to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston, August 2010.
Stone, Christopher, Zachary Carter, Thomas Belfiore, Ella M. Bully-Cummings, Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, Michael J. Farrell, George Gascón, Arva Rice, Lew Rice, and Damon T. Hewitt. "Reducing Inherent Danger: Report of the New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings." New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings Report, May 27, 2010.
Sparrow, Malcolm K. "One Week in Heron City: A Case Study." New Perspectives in Policing (Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety), September 2009.
Wilson, Julie Boatright. "Cross-Branch Collaboration: What Can We Learn From the Collaboration Between Courts and the Division of Youth Services in Missouri: A Concept Paper." Prepared for the Executive Session: State Court Leaders in the 21st Century, Harvard Kennedy School, September 2009.
Risse, Mathias. "Immigration, Ethics, and the Capabilities Approach." United Nations Development Program Human Development Research Paper Series, August 2009.
Stone, Christopher, Todd Foglesong, and Christine M. Cole. "Policing Los Angeles Under a Consent Decree: The Dynamics of Change at the LAPD." Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management Working Paper Series, Harvard Kennedy School, May 2009.
Ruggie, John Gerard. "Business and Human Rights: Towards Operationalizing the 'Protect, Respect and Remedy' Framework." United Nations Human Rights Council, Eleventh Session, New York, April 22, 2009.
Ruggie, John Gerard. "Protect, Respect and Remedy: The United Nations Framework for Business and Human Rights." Report presented at the American Society of International Law, Proceedings, 103rd Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 25-28, 2009.
Braga, Anthony A. "Police Enforcement Strategies to Prevent Crime in Hot Spot Areas." Crime Prevention Research Reviews, Number 2: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, 2008.
Braga, Anthony A., Anne M. Piehl, and David Hureau. "Controlling Violent Offenders Released to the Community: An Evaluation of the Boston Reentry Initiative." Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston Working Paper Series, September 2008.
Cook, Philip J., Jens Ludwig, Sudhir A. Venkatesh, and Anthony A. Braga. "Underground Gun Markets." NBER Working Paper 11737, November 2005.
Braga, Anthony A. and Christopher Winship. "Creating an Effective Foundation to Prevent Youth Violence: Lessons Learned from Boston in the 1990s." Rappaport Institute Policy Brief PB-2005-5, September 26, 2005.
Braga, Anthony A., and Glenn L. Pierce. “The Illegal Diversion of Firearms from the United States to Foreign Countries.” Third International Conference on Urban Health Conference Paper, October 2004.
Braga, Anthony A., and Glenn L. Pierce. “Disrupting Illegal Firearms Markets in Boston: The Effects of Operation Ceasefire on the Supply of Guns to Criminals.” US/DOJ Criminal Justice Research and Evaluation Annual Conference Paper, July 2004.
Braga, Anthony A. "Gun Violence Among Serious Young Offenders." US/DOJ Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series, Problem-Specific Guide Number 23, 2004.
Braga, Anthony A. “Crime Guns, Gun Criminals, and Ballistics Imaging Technology.” Panel on the Feasibility, Accuracy, and Technical Capability of a National Ballistics Database, National Research Council, Presentation Paper, December 2004.
Ridgeway, Gregory, George Tita, Anthony A. Braga, and Glenn L. Pierce. “Illegal Gun Markets in Los Angeles and Intervention Strategies.” American Society of Criminology Annual Conference Paper, November 2004.
Braga, Anthony A. “Analyzing Homicides: Dying to Know.” Fifteenth Annual Problem-Oriented Policing Conference, Plenary Session Paper, October 2004.
Tita, George, Anthony A. Braga, Glenn L. Pierce, and Alan Saiz. “Mapping Illegal Gun Markets: National, Regional, Local Patterns.” Seventh Annual International Crime Mapping Research Conference Paper, April 2004.
John Smith. "Leadership In Times of Crisis." Leadership Working Papers, September 2009.
John Smith. "Test Title." Test Series, January 2001.