Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working publications and papers that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Publications

Sew, Natalie, Adrianne Billingham Bock, and Danielle Allen. "Creating student leaders through civics." Phi Delta Kappan 105.8 (May 2024): 26-31.
Born, Dana, and Paula Caligiuri. "Leadership Perspective: Leaders’ Psychological Bravery." Journal of Character and Leadership Development 11.1 (Spring 2024): 62-65.
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Rogers, Todd, and Jessica Lasky-Fink. Writing for Busy Readers. Penguin Random House, 2023.
Chetty, Raj, David J. Deming, and John N. Friedman. "Diversifying Society’s Leaders? The Causal Effects of Admission to Highly Selective Private Colleges." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP23-021, August 2023.
Yemiscigil, Ayse, and Dana Born. "The Psychological Value of Leadership Development: Longitudinal Quasi-Experimental Evidence." Academy of Management Proceedings 2023.1 (August 2023): 19334.
Pache, Anne-Claire, Julie Battilana, and Channing Spencer. "An Integrative Model of Hybrid Governance: The Role of Boards in Helping Sustain Organizational Hybridity." Academy of Management Journal (20 July 2023).
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Yemiscigil, Ayse, Dana Born, and Horace Ling. "What Makes Leadership Development Programs Succeed?" Harvard Business Review (February 28, 2023).
Glaeser, Edward L., Caitlin S. Gorback, and James M. Poterba. "How Regressive are Mobility-Related User Fees and Gasoline Taxes?" NBER Working Paper Series, December 2022.
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Carnevale, Joel B., Rachael Goodwin, Hannah Riley Bowles, Jennifer R. Overbeck, Siting Wang, Lei Huang, Zhi Liu, Lin Wang, Mo Wang, Ying Wang, Lingtao Yu and Michael James Zyphur. "Gender and Leadership: Exploring Novel Questions, Theories, and Boundary Conditions." Academy of Management Proceedings 2022.1 (August 2022).
O'Brien, Timothy. "Why Management Schools May Never Change: Insights from the Early Years at Yale School of Management." Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2022.1 (August 2022).
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Ganz, Marshall, Julia Lee Cunningham, Inbal Ben Ezer and Alaina Segura. "Crafting Public Narrative to Enable Collective Action: A Pedagogy for Leadership Development." Academy of Management Learning & Education 22.2 (June 2023): 169-190.
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