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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Marks, Zoe. "Philip Roessler, Ethnic Politics and State Power in Africa: The Logic of the Coup–Civil War Trap." Review of Africa, 89.3, August 2019: 614-615.
Stavins, Robert N. "Book Review: Gert Crum and Jan Bartelsman: Le Domaine de la Romanée-Conti." Review of Journal of Wine Economics, 14.3, 2019: 224-227.
Marks, Zoe. "Civil Wars: A History in Ideas, by David Armitage." Review of International Affairs, 95.1, January 2019: 221–222.
Stavins, Robert N. Review of Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine, by Rudi Goldman. Wine Economics, 13.1, Spring 2018: 105-108.
Glaeser, Edward L. Review of Roman Artisans and the Urban Economy, by Cameron Hawkins. Papers in Regional Science, 97.S1, March 2018.
Allison, Graham. "An Uneasy Unpeace." Review of The Virtual Weapon and International Order, by Lucas Kello. January 21, 2018.
Peterson, Paul E. Review of Learning from the Federal Market-Based Reforms, ed. William Mathis and Tina M. Trujillo. Journal of School Choice, 12.1, Jan-Mar 2018: 154-155.
Allison, Graham. "Is Nuclear War Inevitable?" Review of The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, by Daniel Ellsberg. New York Times, December 2017: 18.
Borjas, George. "EXODUS: How Migration Is Changing Our World." Review of Lessons from Immigration Economics, by Collier, Paul. Independent Review, 22.3, Winter 2018: 329-340.
Jencks, Christopher. "Luck, Chance, and Taxes." Review of Success and Luck, by Robert Frank. The American Interest, 13.1, June 23, 2017.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "A History of Scales and the Scales of History." Review of The Shock of the Anthropocene, by Bonneuil, Christophe, and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz. Development & Change, 48.3, May 2017: 613-622.
Summers, Lawrence H. Review of The Euro and the Battle of Ideas, by Brunnermeier, Markus K.. The Times Literary Supplement, 5936 , January 6, 2017: 11.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Disaster and Sociolegal Studies." Review of Disaster and Sociolegal Studies, by Susan Sterett. Law & Society Review, 50.4, December 2016: 1054-1057.
Grindle, Merilee S. "Democracy and Clientelism: How Uneasy a Relationship?" Review of Clientelism, Social Policy and the Quality of Democracy Clientelism in Everyday Latin American Politics; Mobilizing Poor Voters: Machine Politics, Clientelism & Social Networks in Argentina, by Diego Abente Brun, Larry Diamond, Tina Hilgers, Mariela Szwarcberg. Latin American Research Review, 51.3, 2016: 241-249.
Bunn, Matthew. Review of Doomed to Cooperate: How American and Russian Scientists Joined Forces to Avert Some of the Greatest Post-Cold-War Nuclear Dangers, Physics Today, November 2016.
Glaeser, Edward L. "The Old Urbanist." Review of Eyes on the Street: The Life of Jane Jacobs, American Scholar, 85.4, Autumn 2016: 120-122.
Glaeser, Edward L. "On Hallowed Ground." Review of Power at Ground Zero: Politics, Money & the Remaking of Lower Manhattan, 10/2/2016: 21.
Jencks, Christopher. "Why the Very Poor Have Become Poorer." Review of $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America, by Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaefer. The New York Review of Books, 63.10, June 9, 2016: 15-17.
Bunn, Matthew, and Venkatesh Narayanamurti. Review of Transforming US Energy Innovation, ed. Anadon, Laura Diaz. 2016: 2.
Jasanoff, Sheila. "Small Lamps of Environmental Heroism." Review of A River Runs Again: India's Natural World in Crisis, from the Barren Cliffs of Rajasthan to the Farmlands of Karnataka, by Meera Subramanian. Current History, 115.780, April 2016: 157-159.
Patterson, Thomas E. Review of In-Your-Face Politics: The Consequences of Uncivil Media, by Diana C. Mutz. Journal of Communication, 66.2, April 2016: 19-21.
Risse, Mathias, and Marco Meyer. "Chasing Capital: The Ethics of Tax Competition." Review of by Peter Dietsch. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, March 19, 2016.
Risse, Mathias. Review of Bloomsbury Companion to Political Philosophy, ed. Andrew Fiala. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, January 23, 2016.
Glaeser, Edward L. "Those Were The Days." Review of The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War, by Robert J. Gordon. Wall Street Journal, 267.13, January 16, 2016: C5-C7.
Ignatieff, Michael. "Messianic America: Can He Explain it?" Review of American Foreign Policy and Its Thinkers (by Perry Anderson) and Worldmaking: The Art and Science of American Diplomacy (by David Milne), New York Review of Books, November 19, 2015.
Wilson, William Julius. "Cashless Society." Review of $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America, by Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaefer. New York Times, September 2, 2015: 14-14.
Glaeser, Edward L. "They Can Take It If They Want It." Review of The Grasping Hand, by Ilya Somin. Wall Street Journal, July 2015.
Chen, Martha. "Women and the Informal Economy in Urban Africa: From the Margins to the Centre." Review of Women and the Informal Economy in Urban Africa: From the Margins to the Centre, by Mary Njeri Kinyanjui. Gender & Development, 23.2, July 2015: 394-397.
Ignatieff, Michael. "The Religious Specter Haunting Revolution." Review of The Paradox of Liberation: Secular Revolutions and Religious Counterrevolutions, by Michael Walzer. New York Review of Books, June 4, 2015.
Bunn, Matthew. Review of Unmaking the Bomb: A Fissile Material Approach to Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation, by Harold A. Feiveson, Alexander Glaser, Zia Mian, and Frank N. von Hippel. Physics Today, May 2015: 50.
Jencks, Christopher. "Did We Lose the War on Poverty?—II." Review of Legacies of the War on Poverty, ed. Martha J. Bailey and Sheldon Danziger. New York Review of Books, 62.7, April 23, 2015: 37-39.
Jencks, Christopher. "The War on Poverty: Was It Lost?" Review of Legacies of the War on Poverty, ed. Martha J. Bailey and Sheldon Danziger. New York Review of Books, 62.6, April 2015: 82-85.
Gergen, David. "David Axelrod’s Believer." Review of Believer: My Forty Years in Politics, by David Axelrod. New York Times, February 2015: 12.
Ignatieff, Michael. "The Rise of Islamic State: Isis and the New Sunni Revolution by Patrick Cockburn." Review of The Rise of Islamic State: Isis and the New Sunni Revolution, by Patrick Cockburn. Sunday Times, February 8, 2015.
Fung, Archon. "Can Democracy Be Saved?: Participation, Deliberation and Social Movements." Review of Can Democracy Be Saved?: Participation, Deliberation and Social Movements, by Donatella della Porta. Contemporary Sociology, 44.1, January 2015: 50-52.
Wilson, William Julius. "The Travails of Urban Field Research." Review of On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City, by Alice Goffman, and This Ain’t Chicago: Race, Class, and Regional Identity in the Post-Soul South, by Zandria F. Robinson. Contemporary Sociology, 43.6, November 2014: 824-828.
Stavins, Robert N. "Film Review: David Leonard, A Year in Burgundy." Review of A Year in Burgundy, by David Leonard. Journal of Wine Economics, 9.1, November 2014: 100-103.
Ganz, Marshall. "Why Hasn’t ‘Big Data’ Saved Democracy?" Review of The Big Disconnect: Why the Internet Hasn’t Transformed Politics (Yet), by Micah Sifry. The Nation, October 17, 2014.
Jencks, Christopher. "On America's Front Lines." Review of On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City, by Alice Goffman. The New York Review of Books, 61.15, October 9, 2014: 34-36.
Nye, Jr., Joseph S. "All in the Family The Dulleses, the Bundys, and the End of the Establishment." Review of The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War, by Stephen Kinzer, and The Color of Truth: McGeorge Bundy and William Bundy: Brothers in Arms, by Kai Bird, Foreign Affairs, 93.4, July/August 2014: 176-181.
Saich, Anthony. Comment on China’s Public Service System, by Jianxing Yu,. ed. Kenneth Lieberthal, Cheng Li, and Yu Keping. China's Political Development : Chinese and American Perspectives, June 2014: 244-251.
Pritchett, Lant. Review of Political Arithmetic: Simon Kuznets and the Empirical Tradition in Economics, by Robert William Fogel, Enid M. Fogel, Mark Guglielmo, and Nathaniel Grotte. Population and Development Review, 40.1, March 2014: 170.
Bowles, Hannah Riley. Review of Women and Executive Office: Pathways and Performance, ed. Melody Rose. Sage, 59.4, March 2014: NP39–NP41.
Andrews, Matthew. Review of Poor Numbers: How We Are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do About It, by Morton Jerven. Governance, 26.4, October 2013: 696-698.
Jasanoff, Sheila. Review of Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property: Creative Production in Legal and Cultural Perspective, ed. Mario Biagioli, Peter Jaszi, and Martha Woodmansee. Isis, 104.3, September 2013: 595-596.
Chandra, Amitabh. "Can We Afford More Health Care?" Review of The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't, by William J. Baumol. Science, 341.6143, July 2013: 239.
Summers, Lawrence H. "The End of the Line." Review of Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, by Mark Blyth. Financial Times, April 12, 2013.
Aldy, Joseph. Review of Climate Change and Common Sense: Essays in Honour of Tom Schelling, ed. Robert W. Hahn and Alastair Ulph. Journal of Regional Science, 53.1, February 2013: 201–203.
Walt, Stephen. Review of Special Responsibilities: Global Problems and American Power, by Bukovansky, Mlada, Ian Clark, Robyn Eckersley, Richard Price, Christian Reus-Smit, and Nicholas Wheeler. Ethics & International Affairs, December 2013.
Mayne, Quinton. Review of Democratic Deficit: Critical Citizens Revisited, by Pippa Norris. Political Science Quarterly, 127.4, Winter 2012: 689-690.