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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working papers and publications that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Papers and Publications

Elzinga, Kenneth G., and F. M. Scherer. "Thirteen Editions of The Structure of American Industry: An IO Perspective." Review of Industrial Organization 49.3 (November 2016): 515-532.
Scherer, F.M. "First Mover Advantages and Optimal Patent Protection." Journal of Technology Transfer (August 2015): 559-580.
Scherer, F.M. "First Mover Advantages and Optimal Patent Protection." Journal of Technology Transfer 40.4 (August 2015): 559-580.
Scherer, F.M. "The F.T.C., Oligopoly, and Shared Monopoly." Review of Industrial Organization (February 2015): 5-23.
Scherer, F.M., and William S. Comanor. "Mergers and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry." Journal of Health Economics 32 (January 2013): 106-113.
Scherer, F.M. "Abuse of Dominance by High-Technology Enterprises: A Comparison of U.S. and E.C. Approaches." Journal of Industrial and Business Economics 38 (March 2011): 39-62.
Scherer, F.M. "A Perplexed Economist Confronts 'Too Big to Fail'." European Journal of Comparative Economics 7.2 (December 2010): 267-284.
Scherer, F.M. "A Half Century of Research on Patent Economics." World Intellectual Property Organization 2.1 (2010): 20-27.
Scherer, F.M. "The Political Economy of Patent Policy Reform in the United States." Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law 7 (Spring 2009): 167-216.
Scherer, F.M. "Price Controls And Global Pharmaceutical Progress." Health Affairs, web exclusive 28.1 (January/February 2009): w161-w164.
Scherer, F.M. "Uncertainty and Choice: The Challenges of Pharmaceutical Efficacy, Safety, and Cost." Managerial and Decision Economics 28.4-5 (June-August 2007): 267-283.
Scherer, F.M. "An Industrial Organization Perspective on the Influenza Vaccine Shortage." Managerial and Decision Economics 28.4-5 (June-August 2007): 393-405.
Scherer, F.M. "Corporate Structure and the Financial Support of U.S. Symphony Orchestras." Economia e Politica Industriale 33.4 (December 2006): 51-64.
Scherer, F.M. "A New Retrospective on Mergers." Review of Industrial Organization 28.4 (June 2006): 327-341.
Scherer, F.M. "On Paolo Sylos-Labini." Economia e Publica Industriale 33.2 (June 2006): 15-20.
Scherer, F.M. "Horst Hesse: A Cold War Military Intelligence Mole." Intelligence and National Security 21.2 (April 2006): 224-236.
Scherer, F.M., and Jayashree Watal. "Post-TRIPS Options for Access to Patented Medicines in Developing Nations." Journal of International Economic Law 5.4 (December 2002): 913-939.
Scherer, F.M., and Dietmar Harhoff. "Technology Policy for a World of Skew-Distributed Outcomes." Research Policy 29.4 (April 2000): 559-566.