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Research Spotlight

This paper, co-authored by Maya Sen, compares the ideological balance of the legal academy to the ideological balance of the legal profession. To do so, the authors matched professors listed in the Association of American Law Schools Directory of Law Teachers and lawyers listed in the Martindale-Hubbell directory to a measure of political ideology based on political donations. 

Maya Sen at Harvard Kennedy School
Maya Sen
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Research Spotlight

Populism may seem like it has come out of nowhere, but it has been on the rise for a while. In this working paper, Dani Rodrik argues that economic history and economic theory both provide ample grounds for anticipating that advanced stages of economic globalization would produce a political backlash.

Professor Dani Rodrik at Harvard Kennedy School
Dani Rodrik
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Research Spotlight

Todd Rogers and others conducted a field experiment to understand how the strategies organizations use to implement new technologies affect their adoption and efficacy. This paper shows that the standard strategy schools use to introduce a text message alert system for parents—online signup—induces negligible adoption.

Todd Rogers at Harvard Kennedy School
Todd Rogers
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