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Migration Crisis

In this compelling essay, renowned human rights lawyer and scholar Jacqueline Bhabha explains why forced migration demands compassion, generosity and a more vigorous acknowledgement of our shared dependence on human mobility as a key element of global collaboration. 

Jacquie Bhaba
Jacqueline Bhabha
A city skyline at night

Former mayor and Harvard professor Stephen Goldsmith and NYU professor Neil Kleiman propose a way to dramatically increase the quality of public services. Their new distributed governance model puts citizens front and center, powered by an operating system (O/S) made possible by today’s giant leaps in analytics, social engagement, and big data.

Stephen Goldsmith
Stephen Goldsmith
Checkpoint Charlie

Arne Westad's remarkable new book is the first to have the ambition to create a convincing, powerful narrative about the global scope of the Cold War. The book is genuinely global in its reach and captures the dramas and agonies of a period always overshadowed by the horror of nuclear war.

Arne Westad
Arne Westad
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